Direct marketing is when you promote for example, a service or product and in doing so you do not use any form of digital marketing or advertising to carry out the process. It is still classed as targeted marketing and presents information that you feel is of potential interest to someone that is likely to be a buyer. 

One example of direct marketing is postal marketing. Direct marketing can be as interactive as you want it to be, and it can also be track-able, so that you can track the engagement of your direct marketing campaign. 

It can be argued that direct marketing is more interactive than digital marketing. If we look as direct mail as an example; something that you send in the post is more likely to come across as engaging to the consumer – they get the general look and feel of your marketing campaign before deciding to act further on the campaign that you have sent out. 

When opting for a direct marketing campaign, you also have the opportunity to look at the success of your campaign by using a ‘call to action.’ This method is often seen in postal advertising in the form of coupons, or a phrase to quote when engaging with the campaign and signing up/requesting more information on your services. 

Direct marketing can also have a far wider reach than electronic/digital marketing. If your audience is less likely to uses social media or email, then direct marketing is the best approach that you can make. Digital marketing advertisements could miss them completely.

How can AK Media & Marketing help you with direct marketing?

At AK Media and Marketing we can help you to get your direct marketing campaign off the ground. Our services mean that we can provide you with GDPR compliant data of businesses or individuals that you wish to target for your direct marketing campaign. We can also assist you with the strategy for your direct campaign and designing the direct marketing campaign ready for leaflet distribution. 

If you would like more information on our direct marketing services in Southampton please contact us today.  

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